The Meditator

The meditator is a universal symbol that invokes the same state of profound grace from which it came. It is a powerful reminder and anchor into our true nature.
The diamond shaped head represents clarity and creative connection to source. The diamond heart; unconditional love, in its full manifest potential and the lower abdomen, emptiness and an opening into the silent mystery. The seated posture is the invitation and doorway into stillness and deeper dimensions of our being.
This piece is spirited with symbology and metaphor both in shape and form, it is best understood in its ultimate expression by contemplation and by being experienced..
When I am in the moment, all is well... 

Take note of both the highs and the lows as they both form the tapestry of life... 

Wake up knowing and believing that love is everywhere... πŸ’›πŸ™

We are now going to explore the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Colour: Yellow 

Element: Fire 

Mantra: Ram

Location: Naval
Radiant Shaki in her Small Gold Meditator. πŸ’›
The Meditator is a reminder to be the best person YOU can be in this moment... 🧑
Beautiful Abby wearing her Meditator and spreading joy. πŸ™

Her debut album is now live on Indiegogo... Link in her bio.


2020 10 14 the power of non doing photo 1
Marina Cowdray

The Power of Non Doing

Constant activity has become part of our daily lives. Movement, production and creative output shape our world, bringing many exciting visions to life and providing us with great purpose and value. Yet just as nature moves in endless cycles of rise and fall, we too must take time to nurture our inner stillness. To let

Supporting the Immune System with Meditation
Marina Cowdray

Supporting the Immune System with Meditation

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve become more attuned than ever to looking after our physical and mental wellbeing. Central to this is a focus on our immune systems. This complex network of cells, tissues and organs is our body’s natural defence mechanism, helping to protect us from illness and promote cellular repair.

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