The Meditator

The meditator is a universal symbol that invokes the same state of profound grace from which it came. It is a powerful reminder and anchor into our true nature.
The diamond shaped head represents clarity and creative connection to source. The diamond heart; unconditional love, in its full manifest potential and the lower abdomen, emptiness and an opening into the silent mystery. The seated posture is the invitation and doorway into stillness and deeper dimensions of our being.
This piece is spirited with symbology and metaphor both in shape and form, it is best understood in its ultimate expression by contemplation and by being experienced..
@millaeastwood leaving with her Meditator Candles in our lovely new Meditator Bag 🙏
Be in the moment and know that all is well...
When the mind stops, all that remains is the heart beating in rhythm with life…
Be in this moment.

All is well...
“Sleep is one of our most essential needs. Our mental and physical wellbeing depends on it – just some of the processes that occur during sleep include memory consolidation, clearance of brain metabolites and the restoration of our nervous, muscular, skeletal and immune systems.

But for many of us, getting a good night’s sleep isn’t easy.”

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All is well...
All is well... 🙏