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The Power of Amulets cover

The Power of Amulets

Throughout history, in cultures across the globe, amulets have held a special place. Natural or man-made, these are objects imbued with symbolic significance, which connect their owner to a sense of comfort, empowerment and wellbeing.

Amulets can take many forms. They could be precious stones, metals, small carvings or figurines. Jewellery is often a powerful amulet. Worn against the skin – sometimes every day – these pieces can come to feel like a part of us as our bodies adapt to their weight and texture.

Whatever their form, the importance of amulets lies in what they symbolise to us. They might mark a significant moment in our lives or bring a feeling of happiness. They can serve as reminders of qualities and states of being or provide a point of focus.

Over time, we build a rich network of associations with these symbols, which come into play each time we connect with them. Indeed, psychological research shows that cherished objects have remarkable positive effects on our emotional wellbeing.

The value of objects in a digital age

Part of the power of amulets derives from their physical presence. So much of our modern lives now revolve around digital platforms. As a result, physical objects have perhaps even greater significance than before. Objects offer a somatic experience that isn’t available within the digital world, as we can perceive and relate to them with all of our senses. This multi-sensory experience stimulates different parts of our minds and bodies, influencing our emotions and psychological state.

Rather than being materialistic, this awareness invites us to appreciate the physicality, beauty and craft of an object. By valuing objects in this way and exploring the internal experiences they invoke, we gain greater understanding of ourselves and how we relate to the world around us.

The Meditator symbol

Through all of these factors, amulets affect us on a number of levels. They can be a powerful tool for developing different aspects of ourselves, engaging with our inner landscape and connecting to a practice of mindful awareness.

In this spirit, The Meditator has been designed as a universal symbol that invokes a state of profound grace. Inspired by the peace and awareness that can be found in meditation, it is an anchor into our true nature and a reminder to awaken to the present moment.

The design is rich in symbolism. The diamond-shaped head represents clarity and creative connection to source. The diamond heart is a symbol of unconditional love, while the lower abdomen represents emptiness and an opening into the silent mystery. The seated posture of the figure is an invitation into stillness, through which we can access the deeper dimensions of our being.

As with any symbolic object, its significance lies within the meaning it holds for each individual. The Meditator invites us to look inside and connect with the self beyond the workings of the mind. As such, it is best understood through contemplation and being experienced.

Amulets in daily life

A symbol such as The Meditator provides a valuable anchor point into a practice of mindful presence. Daily life pulls us in numerous directions, and as a result it’s easy for us to lose connection with our true selves. Having touchstones – literal or figurative – that bring us back to our centre can make a huge difference to our wellbeing.

The practice of mindfulness meditation teaches us that when we infuse our everyday actions and encounters with awareness, we live with greater peace and happiness. Amulets offer a wonderful way to stay connected with this awareness throughout our daily lives.

Points for reflection and enquiry

The following points can all serve as useful tools for reflection:

  • Do any objects hold special significance for you?
  • What do you feel in relation to these objects?
  • What helps you to be more aware of the present moment?
  • How do you maintain a connection with yourself in your daily life?
  • What brings you a sense of peace?

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