Lana Love ~ founder of Passion Cafe, Ibiza

We love seeing who’s wearing The Meditator pendant…here’s Lana Love, founder and owner of fabulous, healthy eateries Passion Cafe and Passion Restaurant in Ibiza. Lana is dedicated to making healthy living delicious and focuses on offering vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic and raw food dishes sourced from the very best local ingredients. A philosophy we very much agree with!

If you’re visiting Ibiza this summer, find out more at 

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The Meditator is going to Earls Court

This year’s Mind Body and Spirit Festival at Earls Court will be graced by two magnificent Meditator sculptures that will be displayed in the public areas. These two Meditator sculptures stand up to 5 feet high and are made from black granite and white marble.

The Meditator originated as a sculpture designed by Lady Cowdray who has created a unique piece which reflects a personal interpretation of the qualities of wisdom, knowledge, compassion and human perfection.

Each part of The Meditator icon represents an intrinsic quality: the head – ultimate wisdom and knowledge; the heart – love and compassion; the central space – spaciousness and integration of mind, body and spirit.

The Meditator icon together with the establishment of Cowdray Hall underpins the vision for a holistic and spiritual centre in the heart of the South Downs National Park. Cowdray Hall is a non-denominational space for visitors to participate in a wide variety of events designed to remove the stresses and strains of everyday life

Consumer reaction to The Meditator ranges from ‘beautiful’ to ‘powerful’ and from ‘inspiring’ to ‘stunning’. This enthusiastic reception to the icon reinforces The Meditator qualities and the team from Cowdray Hall are looking forward to introducing the icon to a new audience.  

Do come and see us at the festival which runs from 24th to 27th May and learn more about The Meditator and Cowdray Hall.

Rolling In The Dosh! Adele’s boyfriend Simon Konecki ‘plans to buy her a £3,000 Buddha necklace after she gives birth to their baby

Mariah Carey was given a £12,000 diamond and sapphire necklace by husband Nick Cannon after giving birth to their twins, while Keith Urban presented wife Nicole Kidman with a $120,000 custom-designed diamond and emerald crucifix after welcoming daughter Sunday into the world.

And now it has been revealed that Adele’s boyfriend Simon Konecki is planning to buy his millionairess girlfriend her very own ‘push present’ when she gives birth to their first child in a matter of weeks.

According to Mail On Sunday columnist Katie Nicholl, entrepreneur Konecki, 36, has set his sights on a £3,000 gold Buddha necklace designed by artist Marina Cowdray.

Konecki apparently saw Marina wearing the design and then decided that he wanted to purchase one for 24-year-old Adele.

She sells the gold design on her website and describes it as ‘embodying wisdom, knowledge and compassion’.

The website also says the design is a ‘reminder of who we are and who we are not’, adding: ‘The love in the heart area and the restful position of meditation which is where we can find the stillness.’

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Adele promised a £3000 necklace from boyfriend after she gives birth

Adele is due to give birth in a matter of weeks and it sounds as though she might want to start pushing sooner rather than later as her boyfriend Simon Konecki has brought her a £3000 necklace for after the birth.

Reports are circulating saying how the 36-year-old entrepreneur has his eye on a Gold Buddha necklace, designed by artist, Lady Marina Cowdray. How nice.

Pushing presents

If Adele does get this lovely, shiny, post pregnancy pick-me-up, she’ll be joining a long list of celebs who’ve received gifts after they’ve given birth. Mariah Carey got a diamond and sapphire necklace worth around $12000 from her husband Nick Cannon after she gave birth to their twins. They must have set the benchmark with prices – Keith Urban spent the same amount when Nicole Kidman gave birth to their baby girl, Sunday. The actress got a diamond crucifix worth $12000.

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