The meditator is about growing a community of people empowered through meditation and reflection

To help raise funds and awareness for this project, the Meditator has been crafted as a symbol to remind us to awaken to this moment and as an amulet to be worn by individuals who are on a journey to find inner wisdom.
We have opened a space which is for anyone interested in self development. We run a facility offering a non-denominational chapel to all members of the community and those from further afield. A place where one can step aside from the challenges of daily life and take time out to deepen a connection with yourself, your community and the wider world.
From the sales of the meditator pieces, we are able to offer a space of silence and self  development and grow a community of people who are inspired to live in this present moment. We hope you will come and visit us at our meditation and well being center run from
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