Meditation is a form of grace.

There are no right or wrong ways to meditate. It is an opportunity to find the path that resonates and guides you towards the peace which exists in every moment..

Silence is a gift which quietens the mind. When we are not distracted by thoughts we rest in our heart, where love abides. We are aligned with life which is not separate, It is a part of all things in this moment..

It is a journey of unfolding and dismantling. It is open to all possibilities. It is never controlled or out of control. It is in balance and in harmony with our true nature.

It is abundant stillness, It is free spirited. It is a place of no thing. It is neither complicated or uncomplicated. It doesn’t need for anything. It is neither happiness nor sadness, It just is…….

The sounds we hear, the feelings we feel, the breath we breathe. It is found through silence. Through the unknown and unknowable. This is the key to liberation so just relax and attend to the never ending newness of the present moment….

A meditation

Silently sit, close your eyes and let your body sink into the cushion and have a sense of the earth beneath you.. Feel your whole body with warmth and tenderness. Bring to your mind a place you love or a person you love and let your heart open..

Gently allow your mind to focus on the breath and relax your shoulders and make the intention to give your self this special time to step aside from the busyness of life and let go of the past and future and allow the presence of this moment to fill the space where you are sitting…

Know that there is only this moment calling for you to be here……..

Take a breath and feel the rising and falling in your chest and move your awareness slowly down through your body allowing every thing to settle and be as it is.. Letting whatever’s in your mind go and relax your whole body …

Listen to the sounds around you and let them be a reminder of who you are in this moment ……

Remember to stay with the breath, Feel your body as light and free and let this feeling expand out into awareness…

That’s perfect, just, rest in that beauty….. each breath is your guide, feel the glow of the flame in your heart and let these sensations carry you..

Be with the light and let it surround you……. That’s right, give yourself over to this moment, knowing that you are safe….

Your heart will keep you in this wondrous place of love and light and spread throughout the world… Wisdom and peace will grow and your heart will fill with joy…….Share your love….

All is Well