Boost Your Winter Wellbeing

Boost Your Winter Wellbeing

Take a deep breath: winter is here. For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, the season brings with it cold and darkness. It’s the moment when nature turns inwards, conserving its energy for the burst of new life in spring.

During this time, we also need to rest and restore. This is the season when we’re most likely to get run down – and with the pandemic still playing out, it’s more important than ever to take care of our wellbeing.

Embracing the quieter rhythm of winter is a great way to balance our minds and bodies. It’s an ideal moment to stop, reflect and bring our attention inwards. Focusing on gentle, nourishing practices helps to replenish our energy and promote healthy equilibrium throughout the season.

Slow down

We all need more rest at this time. Wherever possible, create space in your schedule and find a calmer pace. Carve out time to disconnect from devices, take quiet pauses and just be. Winter is a wonderful time to retreat internally and practise self-care. Try weaving stillness, meditation and relaxation into your daily routine to soothe your nervous system and create tranquillity.

Lift your mood

Winter can bring a feeling of melancholy and heaviness. We can help to counter this by soaking up natural light, which boosts serotonin and regulates our circadian rhythm. This is great combined with time in nature, which supports mental wellness and alleviates anxiety. Regular exercise also produces our body’s mood-boosting endorphins. And practising gratitude (INTERNAL LINK: The Benefits of Gratitude) is another powerful way to lift the spirits and promote optimism.

Stay cosy

Cosy surrounds are a big support through the winter months. Warm lights, bright colours and extra layers all have a comforting effect and create a sense of sanctuary. Try to spend as much time as possible connecting with the people and things that bring you joy. Focusing on what makes us feel good helps us to stay bright in the darkness, boosting wellbeing through winter and beyond.

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